The Dynamo-Charger, a (real) electric supercharger concept

An attempt to make a real electric supercharger - not a fake eBay scam version - that will actually make legitimate boost pressure.

-The concept-

The Dynamo-Charger's Air Raid siren core, before modification.

This device is the heart of this concept, a Viking Horns 110 volt electric siren.

The Dynamo-Charger's original twin-turbo notebook sketch.

This sketch was the original piece that helped me design the layout for the Dynamo-Charger's modified intake system. Due to the proximity of the turbines to one another, the Dynamo-Charger requires a Y-shaped downpipe to combine the boost pressure of the turbines together without losses (a T-pipe would cause the air to lose momentum as the two streams impact one another before redirecting down the tube).